Experience Superior Protection from the Elements
It’s never been easier to protect your concrete. Penetrx Liquid Quartz deeply penetrates surfaces, literally transforming them. It’s the most natural and affordable improvement you can make. They’ll look better and last longer.
Using Advanced Lithium Technology, Penetrx pioneered the field of transformative sealers in 1983. No one has done it longer.

Lithium-Based Products from Penetrx Lead the Field
HERE’s Why: They’re engineered to deeply penetrate, react fully, and transform your surfaces. It’s the most natural and affordable improvement you can make. Your property will look better and last longer. In uncertain economic times, it’s not always clear what the next move should be. But it always makes good sense to take care of what you own. Your property will be protected against:

• Damage from freeze/thaw cycles                           • Damage from extreme thermal cycles

• Damage from intense UV radiation                        • Scaling, marbling, simple cracking

• Damage from salt and other contaminants            • Erosion, abrasion and dusting

• Staining from oil, chemicals, and pollutants           • Alkali-silica reactions (ASR)

Green Science:  Penetrx treatments won’t harm plants, animals or the environment. Our products contain Zero VOC’s and are Carbon Free.

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