Why Remove & Replace Concrete:

All pavement has a lifecycle and progresses toward deterioration daily.  When concrete is too deteriorated for preventative services, the concrete will need to be removed and replaced.  Concrete replacement of deteriorated or damaged material is important because it prevents further deterioration and also reduces liabilities.

It is very important to evaluate the concrete for underlying problems.  Understanding solutions for heavy traffic or other factors that put a heavy strain on a concrete structure is smart planning.  Knowing these conditions allow to correct or make adjustments during the replacement to ensure a long lifespan for the concrete.


Example of a dumpster pad

Many dumpster pads fall below the recommended specifications because of the load weight.  This asphalt above needs to replaced with reinforced concrete pads in order to withstand the extreme weight.

Process for Removal



The concrete removal process begins with saw cutting and excavating the deteriorated concrete below the existing grade.  The exposed base is then inspected to ensure proper base layer is sufficient per specifications.  Sometimes existing base is stable for replacement of concrete and is compacted then ready for replacement.  In many cases base rock has deteriorated (due to water) or base rock wasn’t placed during previous construction.

Base rock installed
Pouring Concrete

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